Rwanda | Bumbogo | Red Bourbon | Honey | Filter | 250g


Washing Station: Bumbogo

Producer: Muraho Trading Company

Region: Gakenke

Elevation: 1650 - 2000 masl

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Honey

Notes: Cinnamon, vanilla, & dried apricot

About: It was early in our trip and we had been on the road all morning. I was not yet accustomed to driving in Rwanda and was popping motion sickness pills like candy. Our driver had some Rwandan hip hop blaring from the tinny car speaker as we sailed over potholes and dodged the unfazed goats that would wander onto the road. As 4WD the rounded the corner, drums and singing rose up from the valley below. One more corner and we rolled up to the welcome party of Bumbogo; dancing, singing, colours, and smiles. We had been warned earlier of the famous Bumbogo welcome party. Dancing was compulsory.