Papua New Guinea | Baroida Estate | Mixed | Washed | Filter | 250g


Region: Kianantu

Elevation: 1700 - 1850 masl

Variety: Arusha, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, & Typica

Process: Washed

Notes: Brown sugar, apricot, citrus, & juicy

About: Baroida Estate is named after a spirit that lives in a steadfast river rock on the estate. The rock has remained there for as long as anyone can remember, and no flood has managed to shift it. The estate was founded in the 1960s by Ben Colbran, a New Zealander, and is now managed by his son Nicol. In the beginning, they grew fruits and vegetables to sell in the port city’s markets so they could buy other necessities not available in the rural areas. It’s been a long journey for the family, not without many challenges along the way, but it’s all been worth it.