Panama | Lamastus Family Estate Luito | Geisha | ASD Natural | Filter | 100g

Grind: Whole Beans

Region: Boquete

Elevation: 1850 masl

Variety: Geisha

Process: ASD Natural

Notes: Exotic tropical fruits, floral, & dark chocolate

About: Luito. It’s the unique farm that has huge potential to provide crazy and wild Geishas from Lamastus Family Estates! The cupping table was bursting with wild floral aromatics of jasmine and bergamot! This coffee you are about to sip has a profile that is different from a traditional Geisha. Exotic, tropical notes of pineapple, cherry, and melon all fused together. Luito farm faces the Caribbean sea which creates a microclimate with a constant mist and cool nights. These environmental conditions give this coffee its unique characteristics.