Panama | Lamastus Family Estate Elida Green Tip | Geisha | ASD Natural | Filter | 100g


Region: Boquete

Elevation: 1850 masl

Variety: Geisha

Process: ASD Natural

Notes: Exotic, jammy AF, plums, & winey

About: Lamastus Family Estates are the Best of Panama winners in both the washed and natural Geisha categories for 2019. This is our fifth year working with owner Wilford Lamastus. This particular lot derives from the very same tablon (coffee plot) that won the Best of Panama competition in 2019. ASD (Anaerobic Slow Dry) is a method which creates flavours of exotic tropical fruits through fermentation without oxygen. It is then dried for +45 days. It is fair to say that some of the best coffees on the planet come from these estates.