Panama | Hartmann Estate Enders | Geisha | Washed | Filter | 100g


Region: Santa Clara

Elevation: 1250 masl.

Variety: Geisha

Process: Washed

Notes: Jasmine, dancing acidity, vanilla, & apricot

About: Robert K. Enders AKA Doctor Enders. This tiny lot comes from Finca Ojo de Agua situated at 1500 masl, the highest of the Hartmanns’ two farms. Doctor Enders had a small trailer here where he lived while conducting his Zoology studies. His wife would accompany him and paint the wildlife and landscapes. After he retired, he would often return to the Finca where Aliss Hartmann’s parents would assist him in preparing for his expeditions around Panama. The Hartmanns named and dedicated this particular lot after Doctor Enders.