Kenya | Oreti Estate | SL28 & SL14 | Natural | Filter | 200g


Farm: Oreti Estate  

Producer: Boyce Harries

Region: Thika

Elevation:  1585 masl

Variety: SL28 & SL14

Process: Natural

Notes: Papaya, blueberry, strawberry, passionfruit, & syrupy

About: Oreti Estate is named after the beach in New Zealand where Boyce’s grandmother is originally from. The Harries family provide all their workers with clean water and electricity and are also very engaged in their local community. Of particular note, they cofounded the Wabeni Technical Institute that teaches local children practical skills to help them make a living. The SL14 variety is considered to have an exceptional cup quality but due to its susceptibility to disease is very rare to find. We are very excited to be able to try it from Oreti Estate!