Kenya | Ndururumo AA | SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, & Batian | Washed | Filter | 250g


Mill: Ndururumo

Producer: Virginia Muhu

Region: Nakuru

Elevation:  1900 masl

Variety: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, & Batian

Process: Washed

Notes: Peach, pink grapefruit, jasmine, & juicy

About: Ndururumo Estate is located in the Nakuru county surrounded by the great rift valley. Currently only 25 hectares of the Estate is cultivated with coffee with the rest populated with Australian Silver Oak and indigenous trees. The rich red volcanic soil and impressive altitude (1900 masl) make this an ideal area for growing coffee. Coffee is the only cash crop grown here and has improved the livelihoods of people who were traditionally just subsistence farmers.