Kenya | Chania Estate PB | Mixed | Honey | Filter | 200g


Region: Thika

Elevation: 1524 masl

Variety: French Mission, Ruiru 11, Batian, & SL14 & 28

Process: Honey

Notes: Brown sugar, blackberry, dried fig, floral, & silky

About: Chania Estate is named after the Chania river that runs along one of its boundaries. Owned by the Harries family, who have resided in Thika since 1904, the estate is located on a plateau surrounded by deep river valleys. The soil is a deep red colour, rich in nutrients ideal for growing coffee. This lot is made up of a mix of all the varieties that grow on the farm: French Mission, Ruiru 11, Batian, & SL14 & 28. Honey processed coffees are rare from Kenya, but luckily for us, Boyce has been producing them for several years now. The process creates greater sweetness and a silky body.