Honduras | Ovidio Gomez | Parainema | Honey | Filter | 200g


Region: Santa Barbara

Elevation: 1650 masl

Variety: Parainema 

Process: Honey

Notes: Floral, lime, tangerine, apricot, winey, & juicy

About: Fruit bomb aroma. Yowzer! ‘What is going on here???’ we said. Mr Ovidio 'Machete' Gomez of Finca El Paraiso knows how to grow good coffee. 2020 is the second year now that he has produced his honey Parainema. It was a big hit with us last year, and this year we think it's even better! The processing (honey method) has revolutionised this coffee. It is a coffee suited for the curious types who like to try something a little bit different. This harvest expect some exotic flavours to shoot out of Finca El Paraiso and into your cups!