Honduras | Nahun Fernandez | Parainema | Honey | Filter | 250g


Region: Las Flores, Santa Barbara

Elevation: 1500 - 1580 masl

Variety: Parainema

Process: Honey

Notes: Peach, apricot, vanilla, & jasmine

About: Nahun’s story is one about the evolution of a coffee producer. Since 2012 he has gone from using only traditional processing methods to innovating and creating delicious new flavour profiles. His honey Parainema is one such coffee and earnt him 13th place in Cup of Excellence in 2018! Nahun is a natural leader and assists his neighbours by teaching them the processing techniques he has learnt, raising the quality of the coffee produced in the Las Flores community. This coffee is sweet and tangy with notes of stone fruit, vanilla, and white florals.