Honduras | Javier Fernandez | Parainema | Washed | Filter | 250g


Farm: Don Andres 

Region: Las Flores, Santa Barbara 

Elevation: 1500 – 1580 masl 

Processing: Washed 

Varietal: Parainema

Notes: Vibrant, floral, peach, & lime

About: This man needs no introduction, Javier had become synonymous with Proud Mary over the past 7 years! Javier makes up one half of the Fernandez duo who have been delivering sweet, tasty coffees to us from Finca Don Andres in Honduras. His Catuai brings the high notes in our Angel Wings blend, and his Parainema makes a vibrant filter brew. In 2019 we are looking to scale his Catuai so we can take even more. Similar to his brother Nahun, we aim to help facilitate the growth of Javier’s coffee production to provide financial security, support, and make some damn good coffee together!