Honduras | Benjamin Paz | Red Catuai | Anaerobic Honey 72hr | Espresso | 250g


Farm: El Brujo

Region: Concepcion del Sur, Santa Barbara

Elevation: 1650 masl

Variety: Red Catuai

Process: Anaerobic Honey 72hr

Notes: Peach, strawberry, & creamy

About: Mr Benjamin Paz is as crazy and inquisitive as we are here at Proud Mary. While over in Honduras we tasted Benjamin’s Red Catuai fresh off the tree. BOOM! Super sweet and red fruit-driven (think apple and cherry). For 2019’s harvest we threw down a challenge and Benjamin laughed. This coffee has undergone a 72hr anaerobic (without oxygen) fermentation before being dried as a honey. This has amplified the coffees innate sweetness, brought out loads of red confectionary flavour, and a smile ear to ear.