Honduras | Benjamin Paz | Pacas | Anaerobic Honey | Filter | 250g


Farm: El Brujo

Region: Concepcion del Sur, Santa Barbara

Elevation: 1650 masl

Variety: Pacas

Process: Anaerobic Honey

Notes: Milk chocolate, peach, jammy, & lactic

About: Mr Benjamin Paz is as crazy and inquisitive as we are here at Proud Mary. He spearheads the Beneficio San Vicente operation in Pena Blanca, Honduras, and supports local producers by helping them improve quality and yields, and connecting them with direct trade buyers. Whistles, waves, head nods, “Mincho!” is yelled from the streets as he cruises through the mountainous slopes of Santa Barbara. He is a man with a big heart. This Pacas variety has been pulped and fermented for 72 hours in an anaerobic environment before being dried as a honey. A very sweet treat!