Guatemala | Santa Felisa | SL28 | Orange Honey | Filter | 100g


Farm: Santa Felisa

Producer: Anabella & Antonio Menses

Region: Chimaltenango, Acatenango

Elevation: 1524 - 1539 masl

Varietal: SL28

Process: Orange Honey

Notes: Dark chocolate, orange, & red berries

About: The noise of Volcan de Fuego emanates straight to the core of your soul. It reminds you of the sheer power of mother nature and how special this land it. Santa Felisa neighbours this mighty natural wonder. 2019 brings the inaugural production of the SL-28 Kenyan variety; only 11 kilograms exists. This coffee is grown and processed by Annabella and Antonio Menses who are the purveyors of the rare and exotic coffees housed from Acatenango, Guatemala.