Colombia | Luis Anibal | Caturron | Anaerobic Washed 25hr | Filter | 200g


Farm: La Villa Betulia

Producer: Luis Anibal

Region: Huila

Elevation: 1500 - 1600 masl

Varietal: Caturron

Process: Anaerobic Washed 25hr

Notes: Cinnamon, vanilla, custard, lemon myrtle, & floral

About: Caturron is a very rare and eccentric varietal. When we first tasted it in the lab we didn’t know how to score it due to it expressing so many flavour notes not usually found together in one coffee. Luckily here at Proud Mary these are the kinds of coffees we love to find, buy, and share with you; coffees you won’t find anywhere else! Luis Anibal processed this coffee via a 25hr anaerobic fermentation before washing it. This enhances complexity without sacrificing any of that clean sparkling acidity.