Colombia | Ivan Pasaje | Colombia | Natural | Filter | 250g


Farm: Las Canoas

Producer: Ivan Pasaje

Region: Narino

Elevation: 1790 masl

Varietal: Colombia

Process: Natural

Notes: Panela, orange, honey, & juicy

About: When you meet people like Ivan Pasaje your heart can’t help but melt. Ivan is the owner and operator behind Finca Las Canoas in the department of San Jose de Alban, Narino. It’s a small but mighty farm, one hectare to be precise. We chose to work alongside Ivan because he is not only a coffee producer but also deeply committed to serving his community. He works as a school teacher, has helped mediate regional political conflict, and facilitated coffee projects that assist fellow producers to work with coffee as opposed to other illegal, and socially harmful crops. It’s our honour to represent Ivan and his coffee, knowing that he is working for the greater good and development of San Jose de Alban.