Brazil | Luiz Periera - #10 Cocarive Auction | Yellow Bourbon | Natural | Filter | 250g


Farm: Fazenda IP

Producer: Luiz Pereira

Region: Carmo de Minas

Elevation: 950 - 1200 masl

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Process: Natural

Notes: Pineapple, papaya, & bubblegum

About: Five years after Luiz’ father bought Fazenda IP Luiz graduated from studying agriculture, and together they managed the farm. In 1974 Luiz began a great expansion of the farm, planting more and more coffee. He saw great potential in what the land had to offer, and he was right. The quality produced by the farm went from strength to strength with Luiz implementing a bonus system for all the processing employees if a coffee scored over 80 points. Luiz has crafted a team of coffee processing experts at Fazenda IP, and the decades of passion are paying off.