El Salvador | La Guachoca | Pacamara | Dbl Anaerobic Washed | Filter | 200g


Farm: La Guachoca

Producer: Pacas Family

Region: Santa Ana

Elevation: 1410 - 1600 masl

Varietal: Pacamara

Process: Dbl Anaerobic Washed

Notes: Winey, red berries, & tangy

About: The sign caught my eye. ‘Now that’s cool!’. The Finca La Guachoca signs are handcrafted by the farm manager Juan and made entirely of recycled materials found on the farm. It turns out Juan is quite the artist! In his office, he houses life- sized wooden mannequins (epic) and chairs, all handcrafted by himself. This is the inaugural double anaerobic fermentation for the Pacamara. The whole coffee cherries are fermented in a sealed vat, pulped, and then fermented again before being washed and dried. This develops more complex fruit flavours and winey characteristics while maintaining a crisp and clean acidity.