El Salvador | La Esperanza | Bernardina | Dbl. Anaerobic Washed Sunrise | Filter | 100g


Farm: La Esperanza

Producer: Pacas Family

Region: Santa Ana

Elevation: 1400 masl

Varietal: Bernardina

Process: Dbl. Anaerobic Washed Sunrise

Notes: Orange, apricot, mango, & vanilla

About: In the pursuit of innovation Proud Mary and Café Pacas have worked together since 2012. Our relationship has flourished and we have pushed the limits of quality year after year. In 2019 we took things to dizzying new heights, for the first time we curated and processed our very own coffee with Café Pacas. We selected the prized Bernardina variety to undergo a double anaerobic (without oxygen) process. It was fermented twice, once as whole cherry and once pulped. The colour of the coffee presents hues of yellow, orange, and brown, reminiscent of the sunrise over Finca La Esperanza.