El Salvador | Pacas | Bernardina | Natural | Filter | 100g

Grind: Whole Beans

Region: Santa Ana

Elevation: 1412 masl

Variety: Bernardina

Process: Natural

Notes: Confectionary, milk chocolate, & syrupy

About: Bernardina was first discovered on Finca Los Bellotos, owned and operated by the Pacas family in El Salvador. This farm is the birthplace of the Bernardina variety, discovered in 2015 by farm manager Ruperto Merche. On this farm stand the original five Bernardina trees, adorned in blue paint like tribal warriors. It’s a true mystery as to how this variety appeared in El Salvador. The genetic makeup of Bernardina can be traced back to the town of Agaro in Ethiopia. Proud Mary has collaborated with Gabriel Granadino, a local artist of San Salvador to represent the treasure that is Bernardina.