Colombia | El Zafiro | Wush Wush | Anaerobic Natural | Filter | 100g


Region: Cauca

Elevation: 2020 masl.

Variety: Wush Wush

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Notes: Cherry, blackberry, red berries, mango, natural wine, & syrupy


If there was a coffee on planet earth ripe to give Geisha a run for its money, it's the elegant, rare Wush Wush varietal.

As we rolled up to the gate of El Zafiro the guard dog, Trotsky, ran up to the car full of joy. Mum and Dad (Nancy and Oscar) were home! Nestled amongst pristine wilderness El Zafiro, which mean ‘the Saffire’, is truly a gem. Nancy and Oscar are meticulous in cultivating and processing coffee every step of the way, and it shows in the cup. They are genuinely passionate producers and we love supporting them. It is a very special place and the coffees produced here are like nowhere else on Earth. This is the fourth year we are buying Wush Wush from El Zafiro but the first year it has undergone anaerobic processing, and it tastes wilder than ever before.