Burundi | Ruhora | Red Bourbon | Washed | Espresso | 250g


Region: Rumonge

Elevation: 1450 masl

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Washed

Notes: Panela, blackberry, winey, & crisp

About: Coffee cultivation began in Ruhora during the Belgian colonisation period by a settler called Mangrissi. It isn’t known exactly when he came to Burundi but when he did, he married a local woman called Marie and began to tame the wild jungle in the area by hunting, clearing land for agriculture, and establishing coffee tree nurseries. The locals became interested in this new plant and Mangrissi began to teach them how to cultivate it for themselves. This washed Red Bourbon from Ruhora is clean and juicy with a crisp acidity. A great representation of what coffees from this area can be.