Burundi | Nkuba COE #10 | Red Bourbon | Natural | Filter | 200g


Region: Kayanza

Elevation: 1950 masl

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Natural

Notes: Brown sugar, apricot, red berries, floral, black tea, & juicy

About: Joselyne Nisabwe, the daughter of a coffee farmer, created the Kijsco Company in 2018. The Kijsco Company is a social initiative that manages the Nkuba washing station. Currently Kijsco works with 867 coffee farmers, 65% of them being women, and provides health insurance for 353 of them. The region of Kayanza produces really clean and crisp coffees and Joselyne is working hard to promote the production of her local community. This special lot was made up of the production from 10 farmers including Joselyne herself.