Burundi | Businde | Red Bourbon | Natural | Espresso | 250g

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Producer: Matraco

Region: Kayanza

Elevation: 1818 masl

Variety: Red Bourbon

Notes: Dried fig, plum, tea, & cocoa

About: Burundi is a country of immense untouched and natural beauty. The deep red earth contrasts sharply with the bright green vegetation and blue waters; flying low over the land is an incredible sight. The people are warm and very welcoming. Any time we left the vehicles it wouldn’t take long before we had a substantial entourage of curious children; chasey is a universal language! In the evenings there was always lots of eating, dancing, and even karaoke, breaking up the long days spent on the endless winding roads in search of some of the best coffees this rare terroir has to offer.