Brazil | Sítio Morro Alto | Yellow Bourbon | Natural | Filter | 250g


Region: Montanhas do Espirito Santo

Elevation:  960 masl

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Notes: Bakers chocolate, cherry, vanilla, & syrupy

About: “The kind of agriculture practised here in Sítio Morro Alto allows us to keep the environment healthy using life that grows inside the farm. There is nothing here that comes from outside the gate. All the plants and animals play a part in the balance of this ecosystem.” These are the direct words from Luciano, producer and owner of Sítio Morro Alto. We first met Luciano in 2019, at an auction in Caparaó region, Brazil. Luciano spoke about his vision of farming, and it was captivating and real. The coffee was incredible, something very unique from Brazil. This is Luciano’s first creation of a natural Yellow Bourbon. Pure, minimal intervention, and 100% certified organic.