Brazil Sítio d'Água Limpa COE #6 | Red Catucaí | Natural | Filter | 100g


Region: Sul de Minas

Elevation: 1255 masl

Variety: Red Catucaí

Process: Natural

Notes: Milk chocolate, red berries, tropical, floral, & syrupy

COE Score: 89.7 points

About: Sítio d’Água Limpa belongs to the children of Mariana Junqueira, the owner of Rancho Sáo Beneditio, who we also buy coffee from. The farm has very fertile soils and most of it is preserved natural forest ensuring clean water and homes for the local fauna. Great care has been taken with the preparation of this lot. The cherries were selectively handpicked over cloths to prevent any of them from touching the ground, decreasing the chance of contamination. As a result, this coffee is very clean and sweet with a complexity of flavour notes found only in the very best of Brazilian coffees.

Carmo De Minas is HANDS DOWN our favourite region in Brazil! We have been working with producers in this region for the last 9 years now and first came across Mariana at the 2011 Brazil Naturals COE where she picked up second place. Mariana is no stranger to the competition and boasts a quaint room in their farmhouse with well over 15 awards framed on the wall. This family clearly goes the extra mile to produce the most exceptional coffee’s possible.