Limited | Bernardina Bundle | Natural


Remember last year when we told you about those five mysterious trees from Maria Pacas that were so special they weren’t even on the coffee varietal database?

How when we, after thinking this was surely a Geisha, agreed to pay top dollar for it? 

The plot thickens... and we learned that no, it wasn’t a Geisha. Oh, snap! But (cue record scratch) it’s even better than a Geisha! And then Maria named it after Ruperto Bernardino Merche, the farm manager who first hipped everyone to those trees of mystery.

This release is such a special thing and we want to honor it with you.

We have two versions to share!

Up first is a beautiful washed version that might make you misty-eyed with happiness. Your nose and mind will fall in love with the floral interplay of jasmine and stone fruit.

Next up is a natural-processed power trio that kicks out the jams with notes of melon, cherry, and buttercream sweetness.

And for fans only, we have a sweet, sweet tee shirt to boot. Grab a tin, grab a tee, and wear your heart on your sleeve and chest.

Bernardina is one of the most exciting discoveries of this decade in coffee. This rare and exotic varietal is cared for by one of the most revered coffee families in the world, the Pacas family.

What's Included: 

1x 100g tin Bernardina Natural 

1x Limited release Black AS Colour Bernardina t-shirt

1x Limited release Bernardina sticker