Proud Mary Coffee - AeroPress GO Portable Travel Coffee Press


NEW AeroPress Go - optimised for your lifestyle!

The smaller, more convenient, all-in-one system that lets you brew anywhere.

Thoughtfully engineered to provide all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress plus a convenient drinking mug that doubles as a carrying case.

The AeroPress Go brews delicious filter, espresso-style and cold brew coffee, producing 1-3 cups of hot coffee in about a minute and cold brew in under two minutes. The entire unit including the accessories are designed to fit inside the mug which doubles as a carry case, so it can fit into your tote, travel bag or desk drawer with ease. Sweet! 

Why is the AeroPress Go the better travel press?

Tastier: It brews smooth, rich coffee without the bitterness and high acidity you can expect from French press brewed coffee.

Fast and easy: The AeroPress Go brews hot coffee in about 1 minute or cold brew coffee in around 2 minutes.

Compact, lightweight, and durable: Ingeniously engineered to ensure that everything fits inside the mug.

What's Included? 

  • 1 x AeroPress Go Coffee maker
  • Chamber
  • Plunger
  • Filter Cap
  • Compact Paddle
  • Scoop (14g beans capacity)
  • Mug with Lid
  • 350 Paper Filters

 How to brew! - (check the 4th picture for brew guide) 

Ratio: 1:16
Dose: 12.5 grams (3/4 AeroPress scoop) 
Water: 200g (to the top) 
Brew time: 3.30 min 

Step 1 

Place filter paper into AeroPress Lid and secure onto chamber then soak the paper with hot water. Remove lid. Connect the 2-AeroPress pieces together then place upside down (numbers should read upside down) 

Step 2

Grind coffee or if already ground weigh out approx 12-13g (3/4 scoop) into AeroPress

Step 3

Pour boiling water within 10 seconds to reach 200g and then agitate aggressively. Place lid on AeroPress and start your timer. 

Step 4

At 3.00 minutes, carefully flip the AeroPress and place on top of your mug. Gently plunge down. This should take around 20 seconds. Stop plunging when you hear a hissing sound. 

BOOM! You're done. Pop your coffee grounds into the compost, give the AeroPress a rinse in the sink and enjoy your brew!