3 month Espresso Roast Gift Subscription

  • Pay once today and your recipient will receive 6 fortnightly deliveries (~ 3 months) of amazing coffee from Proud Mary
  • After 6 deliveries the subscription will end and you won't be charged again.
  • Choose the "Surprise" option for the recipient to receive a different amazing coffee every order
  • Choose "Angel Wings", "Humbler" or "Ghost Rider" for the recipient to receive the same roast every order
  • Enter the recipient's address as delivery address and we'll ship directly to them every fortnight
  • Subscription price includes shipping - nothing else to pay at checkout
  • What's the bag size? Nearly always 250g, sometimes you'll be treated with 200g of deluxe beans. Angel Wings, Humbler and Ghost Rider are always 250g
  • How many cups is that? About 12 double shot espressos for 250g
  • Shipping date? Every second Tuesday