Honduras | Ovidio Gomez | Parainema | Washed | Espresso | 250g

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Farm: El Paraiso

Region: Santa Barbara

Elevation: 1650 masl 

Varietal: Parainema

Notes: Grapefruit, lime, vibrant, & sparkling

About: Where’s the machete at? Mr Ovidio Gomez wields some huge flavour for 2018. The fire is burning bright over Finca El Paraiso. You could see it in Ovidio’s eyes, the desire to push further and challenge himself! We sat on the porch of his house with the entire Gomez family and talked shop. We ate, we laughed... we even made a video... or an O-video. Ovidio processed his first natural coffee this year but he wanted to do more, so he also processed his first anaerobic 48 hour experimental lot. We are getting ready for a big 2019 with Ovidio. Expect some exotic flavours to shoot out of Finca El Paraiso and into your cups!