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Collingwood Coffee College - Barista Boot Camp

Barista Boot Camp, the complete solution to becoming job ready!

Fast track your training needs with this intensive 2-day program designed to set you on the right path to becoming a coffee expert.

We understand that people keen to enter the coffee industry are often uncertain about what is the best solution to do so. Taking a job and working your way to the machine is inefficient and can be confusing and unhelpful. Skilled workers and professional training go hand in hand and the coffee industry is no exception which is why Barista Boot Camp is the best solution. During this 2-day program, we pair classroom, hands-on activities and group work allowing you to try, test and apply the skills to work as a Barista in specialty coffee. We know that employers expect more from their employees which is why we also provide supportive leadership training to help you with your personal learning goal.

Day 1: 

Beginning the day with a delicious coffee as we settle into a comfortable learning environment then explore the history and cultivation of coffee and how this impacts that coffee you taste. Moving over to the espresso machine we go through the underpinning knowledge and application to prepare a good espresso and the techniques to replicate a quality espresso. After a catered lunch at PMC cafe, we then dive into milk composition, how to texture milk and then pouring. And, yes, pouring latte art. By the end of day 1, you will be able to prepare lovely latte's, cappuccinos and other beverages from a general coffee menu. 

Day 2:

Starting the day with filter coffee, how to prepare and manage a recipe for single coffee orders such as a V60 or large batches, such as a Moccamaster. Cafe staples for specialty coffee. Returning back to espresso, Australia's favourite beverage we go further into espresso extraction and how you can prepare and serve multiple coffee offerings such as single origins and how you can analytically measure them using a refractometer and an in-house extraction map. After a break for lunch with lots of delicious options, we enter into the world of leadership where we work with you to provide other fundamental skills and mindset expected by employers or employees. Following leadership, we return to the tools as we continue developing latte art then get inside the coffee machine to look closer at what cleaning and maintenance can be done in-house. Learn the major parts of the coffee machine and how you can diagnose common issues with equipment so that you can keep serving tasty coffee and be a value-add to your employer.

During boot camp, we use a variety of equipment and provide a library of resources to prepare you for employment. All the training we provide is to best practice standards! We have your back during and after the 2-days.


The following 2-day program is suitable for people currently employed or interested in becoming employed in the cafe/coffee industry. All attendees who have completed Barista Boot Camp will be put forward as trained to our network of cafe owners currently seeking a new Barista.  The program will be facilitated by the CCC team who collectively have a string of experience and qualifications to provide a healthy and effective learning environment.

Each program hosts 3-4 spots to ensure maximum time, attention & practice can be given to all. 


We have no minimum numbers for any of our workshops. Once you have registered, be assured that the workshop will go ahead.