• Honeycomb, nectarine, peach, caramel, rich, syrupy mouthfeel with a buttery structure

Senior Flamemaster | Espresso (W/S)

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Bling! Bang!
Can you feel the heat? The bad boy producer has flown the coop from Central America for his annual visit.
Enter, Senior Flamemaster.
Massive flavours from the finest quality lots.
This year, he is sharing the most exclusive treasures. In your cup you will find 2 Geishas and 1 COE:
  • Panama Bambito Geisha Washed
  • Hartmann Geisha Washed
  • Honduras COE#16 El Nacimiento No.2 Washed
Think floral aromatics, super silky and creamy, orange citrus, stewed apricot and peach.
Pure fire.