• Rwanda | Rugali | Red Bourbon | Honey | Espresso

Rwanda | Rugali | Red Bourbon | Honey | Espresso

Farm: Rugali CWS (Central Washing Station)

Region: Nyamasheke District, Rwamiko

Elevation1450-1650 masl

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Honey

Notes: Mango, blackcurrant, plum and cola

To instigate significant change, we sometimes need to access the top of the hierarchy and initiate law reform. Law reform in coffee? Yes, this is exactly what happened in Rwanda this year.  Two entirely new methods of processing, honey and natural were generated for 2016.  It was approved via new legislation and the NAEB (National Agricultural Export Board) in Rwanda. This is a ground breaking achievement accomplished by the team Raw Material this year. Proud Mary Coffee Roasters aligns and supports suppliers that push the boundaries in the pursuit of great coffee, with a clear vision and purpose of supporting and rewarding the entire value chain.

The honey and natural process coffees derive from Rugali Coffee Washing Station. The station is located in Nyamasheke district in the village of Rwamiko. The cherry is initially floated to remove any imperfections such as floaters and foreign objects. Coffee is dried for 35-45 days on raised beds and constantly turned for drying uniformity