Pearl Model S

$299.00 $329.00

The all-time fav has had an update!

The brand new Pearl Model S from Acaia is made to take your home-brewing to the next level, with the most consistent ease. By brewing along with the BrewGuide app, you can also share your recipes or store them for easy replication (really handy if you have a couple of different beans you're choosing between for your brews). The display also has a handy upgrade to an LED Dot Matrix Display, and seven modes available for whatever you may need.

- Capacity: 3kg
- Measuring Units: oz / g
- Battery: Lithium Ion, USB Rechargeable
- Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
- Included Parts: 1 x Pearl Model S Scale, 1 x Heat resistant pad, 1 x Micro-USB cable