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Collingwood Coffee College - Online Leadership Short Course - Communicating & Influencing


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Did a miscommunication happen today at work?

It is likely because every day we witness some form of miscommunication. Communication sounds so simple, someone talks, someone listens, yet every communication that takes place, we experience physical and environmental barriers, plus the personal barriers of the sender and receiver.

During this session, we focus on developing the skills to give and gather effective communication.  Together we break down communication, we explore communication barriers and we use contemporary leadership frameworks to identify your preferred communication style and the impact this has with others. 


Our Management and Leadership programs are facilitated by our industry and education professional, Lisa Feeley. Lisa joined Proud Mary Coffee Roasters in 2015 and is the driving force behind Collingwood Coffee College. Her recognised work in the training and leadership field successfully led to receiving a colloquium credit towards her Master of Leadership and has recently graduated from Monash University with a post-graduate certificate in Education Studies. 

Lisa will facilitate this workshop using Zoom online video conference so everyone is welcome to join in and distance is no barrier. When you have registered you will receive a confirmation that includes a link to join in. 


We have no minimum numbers for registration. Once you have registered, be assured that the program will go ahead. Register in 3 simple steps:

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