India | Ratnagiri Estate | Catuai | Anaerobic Honey | Filter | 250g


Producer: Ashok Patre

Region: Karnataka

Elevation: 1250 - 1450 masl

Variety: Catuai

Process: Anaerobic Honey

Notes: Milk chocolate, dried fig, floral, & syrupy

About: Specialty coffee from India? Welcome to the new world. Say it out aloud; 'Ratnagiri Estate'. Now, remember this name and let’s take you on a journey. Owner Ashok Patre delved into specialty micro-lots and experimental processing only just last year! The farm was revolutionised with raised beds and hermetic tanks, facilitating the new wave of coffee from Ratnagiri. That’s right you are tasting one of the very first experimental lots just like us.  Anaerobically processed Catuai from 1340 metres. Right from the homelands of the South Indian Western Ghats. Bring on 2021!