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Honduras | Armando Guzman | Catimor | Washed | Espresso | (USA)

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Farm: El Cielito

Region: Santa Barbara

Elevation: 1650 masl

Varietal: Catimor 

Process: Washed

Notes: Cacao, milk chocolate, & raspberry (black forest cake

About: Armando Guzman. To his friends, he is known as ‘Mandito’. He is the ultimate pocket rocket from El Cielito region in Honduras. Mandito is a small scale producer. 7 bags were generated (69kg each) for 2017. Mandito has a heart of solid gold. He is modest, diligent and never complains. He epitomises what it is to be content. Each year we ask though...how else can we help beyond the realms of coffee? The goal? Something we personally take for granted. Mandito is looking to replace a roof right over his own head! With your conscious choice of purchasing Mandito’s coffee, you can support the ‘Golden Guzman Project’. $2.50 of every roasted kilo sold from wholesale (1kg = $2.50 or 4 x 250g = $2.50), goes straight to Mandito to get this roof constructed. You legends who buy and represent Mandito’s coffee make this possible to do so. So go on! Lets all spread the message and Nolan will grab the hammer and nails! One new roof, coming up!