• Honey, panella sugar, nectarine and white peach

Honduras Rodin Moreno | Pacas & Catimor | Washed | Filter (W/S)

Farm: El Cedral

Region: Santa Barbara

Elevation: 1633 masl

Varietal: Catimor & Pacas

Process: Washed

Notes: Honey, panella sugar, nectarine and white peach

Hailing from the prolific Santa Barbara region in Honduras, Rodin Moreno is a new producer who is dealing directly and exclusively with Proud Mary Coffee Roasters for 2015.  This region is notorious for producing some of the best quality coffee in the country with the Cup Of Excellence winner for Honduras 2015 coming from this region too.  Rodin is currently growing two varietals, Catimor and Pacas and is currently looking at fostering more pacas within his lots.  El Cedral is knows for the highest and most frequent rainfall within the region of Santa Barbara which assists producing quality crop.

At the age of 20 years old his farm neighbours his two brothers Milton and Alexi.  Farms are separated by tall trees and are also distinguished by widened rows.  Rodin has produced 10 bags of parchment which equates to around 5 bags of green coffee for this year.  Rodin is looking to produce almost three times as much with his next harvest.  Coffee is de-pulped on site near the families home, fermented and the Moreno's dry their coffee in a solar drier.

Rodin and his brothers thrive themselves on quality and a good work ethic.  Rodin employs and adapts similar strategies to farmers in the Santa Barbara who have produced quality coffee to ensure similar results with his own.  They are very proactive and willing to manipulate variables such as fermentation times, drying procedures and lot separation which is very progressive for a farmer.