Fortnightly Espresso Subscription


Choose an espresso roast variation:

  • Surprise me - Single Origin Espresso Roast: For those looking for a stand out Proud Mary brew to share
  • Angel Wings Blend - A smooth and buttery blend made up of washed coffees from South and Central America.
  • Ghost Rider Blend - A punchy and fruity blend made up of coffees from East Africa, South and Central America
  • Humbler Blend - A rich and fudgy blend made up of coffees from South and Central America

Receive 200 - 250g of the best Proud Mary coffee dispatched from the roastery every second Wednesday so that you can enjoy a homemade coffee every day (250g = 15 brews)!

Charged every second week, you can cancel anytime online or by emailing (although at this wholesale discount price, why would you?).


  • What's the bag size? For Single Origin Espresso Roast nearly always 250g, sometimes you'll be treated with 200g of deluxe beans. For Angel Wings, Ghost Rider and Humbler it's always 250g 
  • How many cups is that? About 12 double shot espressos for 250g
  • Will I get the same beans every delivery? If you choose Angel Wings, Humbler or Ghost Rider, yes, else, you'll get a different coffee every delivery
  • Shipping date? Every second Wednesday
  • Charge date? Every second Sunday
  • Is there a minimum subscription? Nope
  • Can I ship to a PO Box? Yes!
  • Can I pause my subscription? Yes, login here once you've purchased
  • How do I cancel? Login here, or email us, pop in to Aunty Peg's or give us a call

If there are any other queries in relation to coffee, brewing or delivery services please don't hesitate to contact us at