• Floral aromatics, red currants, raspberry, tangy apricot, winey

Ethiopia | Jimma - Bazen Olme | Natural | Espresso (W/S)

Farm: Bazen Olmé

Region: Jimma 

Elevation: 1934 masl

Processing: Natural 

Varietal: Heirloom Varietal 74110 (Wild forest coffee)

NOTES: Floral aromatics, red currants, raspberry, tangy apricot, winey

It was a Friday evening.....‘Pack your bags, this Sunday your flying to Ethiopia’. We all need to take a leap of faith at times and not wonder the ‘what if.....’. The last minute decision to board a plane that weekend and travel halfway across the globe and find that elusive gold in Ethiopia. The energy is raw and powerful with each step you take on the terroir and permeates across the entirety of Bazen Olmé farm in Seka Chekorsa ward. Colourful butterflies gracefully dance upon the red coffee cherries as they dry. It looked like a ceremony, as if a special ritual was being performed.

At Bazen Olmé infrastructure is just starting to appear. A newly installed washing station. The construction of additional raised beds for natural processing. This Jimma lot is completely traceable by land and varietal/species and independently exported. This means no involvement from the ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange) where coffees traceability and value is suspect to jeopardy.