Travel Press


3-In-1 Brewer – Brews french press coffee, pour-over style coffee, and loose leaf tea.

French Press Anywhere – Make rich and balanced french press coffee anywhere.

Double, Micro Filter System – Two filters that are 9-12 times finer than the average french press filter, producing a sediment-free cup.

Espro Pour-Over Coffee – Add a paper filter for a cleaner, oil-free cup akin to pour-over coffee.

Tea Compatible – Can be used to brew tea on the go.

Double Walled Thermos – Keeps your coffee hot for 4-6 hours.

360 Degree No-Spill Lid – Drink from all sides without spilling a drop.

Durable Construction – The stainless steel device is built to handle anything that comes it's way.


TIP! How to get pour-over style coffee from this...

A paper filter can be inserted between the two mesh micro filters to act as a third filtration layer. The paper filter removes any coffee fines that make it through the microfilter.