• Ethiopia | Yirgachefe - Konga | Natural | Espresso

Ethiopia | Yirgachefe - Konga | Natural | Espresso

Farm: Konga

Region: Yirgacheffe - Gediyo

Elevation: 1950-2300 masl

Processing: Natural 

Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom (Mixed Varietals)

NOTESFloral, sparkling acidity, lemonade, tangy apricot

It was a Friday evening.....‘Pack your bags, this Sunday your flying to Ethiopia’.  We all need to take a leap of faith at times and not wonder the ‘what if.....’. The last minute decision to board a plane that weekend and travel halfway across the globe and find that elusive gold in Ethiopia.

The famous Yirgachefe region, located in the Southern part of Ethiopia, Gediyo. These are high elevation coffees (+1900 masl).  Each region within Ethiopia is classified and sold by its very own taste profile.

The Yirgachefe region is classified by strong florals and perfume aromatics on the nose.  It possesses a sparkling acidity with a strong stone fruit (apricot and peach) supported with blackberries and black currants.