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Colombia | Julio Montenegro | Castillo | Washed | Filter | (W/S)

Farm: Roleteo Y Rolenzo

Region: Chachagui, Narino

Elevation: 1995 masl

Varietal: Castillo

Process: Washed

Notes: Mandarin, lime, pineapple

About: High in the hills of Narino, Chachagui unveils Julio Montenegro’s silky operation. 1-9-9-5 masl! HUGE! Julio’s Castillo is quality due to a special composition of fertiliser that is applied frequently. This keeps the coffee trees nourished and healthy. Julio uses a mechanical gas drier where the coffee starts on levels progressing from top to bottom for the control and intensity of temperature. Coffee is then left in solar driers (greenhouses) for 1.5 days and transferred to the patio to finish drying. All his facilities are immaculate. Clean equipment = clean coffee.