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Colombia | Juana Gallardo | Colombia F6 | Washed | Espresso

Farm: Los Naranjos

Producer: Juana Gallardo

Region: San Jose de Alban, Narino

Elevation: 1920 masl

Varietal: Colombia F6

Process: Washed

Notes: Floral, apple, caramel, & juicy

About: Juana Gallardo’s farm, Los Naranjos, is located in the municipality of San Jose de Alban in Narino. The farm began 3 years ago as a family business and is situated at an impressive 1920 masl. The cool climate allows for the the nice slow drying of the coffee up to 28 days, which locks in flavour and extends its shelf life. They enjoy producing coffee and are most proud of how crisp and clean their coffees are. In the future Juana hopes to experiment more with different processing methods. Some honeys and naturals perhaps? We forward to see what other profiles his coffee has to offer.