Collingwood Coffee College - Coffee Knowledge

In our mission to skill the industry, we believe that a fundamental opportunity for each person's coffee education is learning about where coffee comes from, and how it impacts people around the world. We would like to contribute to this learning opportunity by opening our 2-hour interactive workshop spotlighting on some knowledge about coffee and coffee production.

During this workshop we flow through the history of coffee and how it intertwines with significant historical experiences, we explore coffee growing origins, coffee cultivation, harvesting, processing methods and how all of these steps influence coffee flavour. 

By the end of this class you will be able to:

  1. Understand the exploration of the coffee cherry to a roasted bean and how each coffee has a story.


A 2-hour workshop that is facilitated by a Collingwood Coffee College Trainer who will provide resources for you and deliver learning with an open and comfortable approach for all to learn about coffee!


We have no minimum numbers for any of our workshops, once you have registered, be assured that the workshop will go ahead. This workshop is free and everyone is welcome.