Advanced Espresso




Welcome to Collingwood Coffee College, the education hub of Proud Mary Coffee Roasters. Barista Path 2 is a 2.5 hour professional development course designed to increase your skills and routine when dialling-in espresso coffee. We also work to improve sensory analysis of coffee, helping baristas to better evaluate correct extraction.

In this course, we work with the relationship between strength and extraction and using an EK 43 Mahlkonig grinder, VST refractometer, SCA extraction numbers, and your taste buds to identify and achieve good and consistent results.


This workshop is designed as the 2nd level of learning for the capable Barista, one who has completed 'Barista Path 1' or has experience working in a cafe or an espresso serving environment.


  1. Understand the relationship between strength and extraction and the impact and value of brew ratios.
  2. Use an EK 43 Mahlkonig grinder.
  3. Extract espresso using various brew ratios to show how much of strength there is compared to extraction  % in the espresso.
  4. Use the refractometer to analytically measure an espresso TDS % to determine the strength and extraction % and measuring against CCC extraction map.


Advanced Espresso is a 2.5 hour course delivered by a CCC trainer, who will provide a hands-on approach where you can try, test and clarify everything espresso and single origin. This class will be run in an adult learning environment, and we absolutely love your questions and input! Your trainer will also provide you with resources to take home and keep practising. Mind-blowing coffee and water will be provided.


We have no minimum numbers for any of our workshops, only a maximum of 4 spots per class to ensure time and attention can be given to all attending. Once you have registered, be assured that the workshop will go ahead. We welcome you to contact us if you wish to discuss this course or your own individual training needs further before booking. Private workshops are also available upon request.