1 Day: Coffee Knowledge, Barista Path 1 and Latte art




A full day focused around the skills needed to excel in the workforce. We strive to ensure you leave feeling confident, informed and learn industry standards.

Hosted at Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, the team will begin with a brew from our current coffee offerings. Followed by Coffee Knowledge, exploring the Proud Mary Story and learning about the relationship between farmer, roaster and brewer.

We then break down the fundamentals for preparing espresso coffee, milk science and milk-texturing, as well as the pouring techniques for latte art designs. Finishing with drink standards and cleaning and maintenance.


  1. Discuss coffee's unique history and the impact of coffee origin, process, growing and farmer relationships.
  2. Explore the roasting process with a behind the scenes tour of the Proud Mary roastery.
  3. Identify ingredients and quantities that underpin a good house-blend recipe for espresso to achieve balance in strength and extraction.
  4. Set up the coffee machine to recipe and achieve even extraction and balance in the cup.
  5. Recognise how different kinds of milk and different milk contents can affect texturing and pouring.
  6. Texture milk with 2-steps and achieve shiny, micro-foam ideal for integrating with espresso. 
  7. Integrate milk with crema to pour a finished product and develop an understanding and the practical steps involved to pour latte art.
  8. Introduce and demonstrate regular cleaning and maintenance.

This course will include a 45 minute lunch break.


Our 1 Day workshop is a 6.5 hour course delivered by a CCC trainer, who will provide a hands-on approach where you can try, test and clarify everything coffee, espresso and milk. This class will be run in an adult learning environment, and we absolutely love your questions and input! Your trainer will also provide you with resources to take home and keep practising. Mind blowing coffee and water will be provided.


We have no minimum numbers for any of our workshops, only a maximum of 4 spots per class to ensure time and attention can be given to all attending. Once you have registered, be assured that the workshop will go ahead. We welcome you to contact us if you wish to discuss this course or your own individual training needs further before booking. Private workshops are also available upon request.