Collingwood Coffee College - 3 workshops/1 Day: Good Workplace Behaviour + Barista Path 1 + Latte Art

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Welcome to Collingwood Coffee College 1-day combo - Barista path 1 + Latte art

A full day focused around the skills needed to thrive in the workforce. Hosted at Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, the team will begin with Barista Path 1 – a technical workshop focused around espresso, recipes, drink standards and cleaning and maintenance. This will be followed by Latte Art – an in-depth workshop focused on milk science and texturing, as well as pouring techniques and goals. Once the practical skills are covered, we move into the management and leadership skills required to integrate seamlessly into the workplace environment. 


Let us support your leap to becoming a coffee expert.

Learn what is required to manage a solid coffee program.

Explore the pathway to becoming a coffee expert.

Acquire the right skills and habits.

Practice with hands-on activities to try, test and clarify.

During our 1-day combowe concentrate on the skills and knowledge required to:

  1. Identify ingredients and quantities that underpin a good house-blend recipe for espresso to achieve balance in strength and extraction.
  2. Season equipment and manage the 3-variables to dial in your recipe and achieve even extraction and desirable balance in the cup.
  3. Recognise how different kinds of milk and different milk contents can affect texturing and pouring.
  4. Texture milk with 2-steps and achieve shiny, micro-foam ideal for integrating with espresso. 
  5. Integrate milk with crema to pour a finished product and develop an understanding and the practical steps involved to pour latte art.
  6. Introduce and demonstrate regular cleaning and maintenance.
  7. Identify ideal workplace behaviour that contributes to the culture of a business and translates into exceptional, hospitable service.


Proud Mary Coffee Roasters boasts a world-class facility including our Collingwood Coffee College that spends each working day with Baristas from around the world. Your Trainer has extensive industry experience in specialty coffee and training and is responsible for providing you with resources in an open and comfortable environment for all to learn!


To ensure maximum time and attention per learner, we allocate 4-spaces per course date and deliver regular sessions to promote flexibility for your schedule. We have no minimum numbers for any of our workshops, once you have registered you can be assured that the workshop will go ahead.