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100g Tin | Panama | Bambito | Geisha | Natural | Filter

Farm: Bambito Estate

Region: Volcan Baru, Boquete, Chiriqui

Elevation: 1700-2300 masl

Processing: Natural

Varietal: Geisha

Notes: Lemongrass, nectarine, lime, & floral

About: 2018 unveils the inaugural natural processed Geisha from Bambito Estate! The speciality coffee industry is evolving and producers such as the Sitton family are receptive to change regarding processing methods. Once this Geisha naturally processed it was transformed into a new creature! Nectarine, cherry, wine, and lime citrus; it truly is a unique profile. Located in the clouds of Volcan Baru, the farm is exposed to two microclimates; lots of rain and sunshine, which is ideal for healthy coffee production. Expect big things for 2019 with some new fermentation experiments to occur at Bambito Estate!