• 100g TIN: Cup of Excellence #1 Brazil: Fazenda Guariroba (Filter) | (W/S)

100g TIN: Cup of Excellence #1 Brazil: Fazenda Guariroba (Filter) | (W/S)

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Farm: Fazenda Guariroba

Producer: Homero Aguiar Paiva


Region: Santo Antônio do Amparo

Elevation: 1100 masl

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Process: Natural

Notes:  Pineapple, peach and honey

Roast: Filter

The WINNER of first place from Brazil, Cup of Excellence - Naturals. Scoring a massive 90.50 points by an international certified jury. To break it down...it’s really good. Coffees scoring 90+ receive a prestigious presidential accolade. This reflects the quality and consistency of processing and preparing the coffee. Homero Aguiar Paiva is the producer behind your cup.  He is the fifth generation coffee producer. This lot is is 100% Yellow Catuai (varietal) dried on patios initially, then transferred to mechanical driers.


Roast 1: Wednesday 24.05.17.  

Dispatch: Thursday 25.05.17