Collingwood Coffee College is now taking enrolments! 

Collingwood Coffee College is the education hub of Proud Mary Coffee. Our one-stop shop for coffee and leadership training workshops where we aim to empower people to be successful in their role and to become life-long learners.


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Coffee curriculum: 


Coffee Knowledge | Free

In our mission to skill the industry, we believe that a fundamental opportunity for each person's coffee education is learning about the history of coffee and how it intertwines with significant historical experiences; coffee growing origins, coffee cultivation, harvesting, processing methods and how all of these steps influence coffee flavour. 


Barista Path 1 | $275.00 per person.

A 4-hour course that will start or progress employable skills and knowledge of espresso, extracting a house-blend recipe to taste balanced, followed by the technical skills required to replicate and produce even-extraction, milk texturing and serving a finished product for customers.


Barista Path 2 | $155.00 per person.

A 3-hour professional development course designed to increase your skills and routine when converting coffee beans to espresso. Working with the relationship between strength and extraction yield, using a Mahlkonig EK 43  grinder, VST refractometer, SCA extraction numbers, and your taste buds to identify and achieve good results. We recommend that you have completed Barista Path 1 or have a minimum of 1-year experience working with coffee.



Latte Art | $155.00 per person.

A 3-hour course that will start or progress employable skills and knowledge of milk composition, texturing with different types of milk and free-pour a variety of pattern designs and putting it all into action! 



3-courses, 1-day | Good workplace behaviour + Barista Path 1 + Latte Art | $300.00 per person. 


We begin with espresso extraction, managing the variables to replicate and produce even extraction then building your skills and providing underpinning learning regarding milk composition, milk texturing, and free-pour coffee art all poured to latte art championship rules and expectations. Finishing the day discussing the role and conduct of a Barista, and how you can contribute to the culture of a cafe.



Inside the Coffee Machine | $55.00 per person. 

Is your coffee tasting oily and rubbery? It could be that your equipment is missing out on some valuable maintenance that can be done in-house. Join Jennifer,   our resident tech for this 2-hour professional development course where you learn how the major parts of the machine work together and how you can replace seals, springs, shower screens and diagnose common issues with an espresso machine to keep serving tasty coffee and elongate the life of your equipment.


Barista Boot Camp | $600.00 per person.

The complete solution! A 2-day program where we fast track your training needs and employable skill set with this intensive program designed to train, implement, practice and coach skills; identify knowledge and the characteristics required to work as a Barista using specialty coffee and various equipment.



Filter Coffee Path 1 | $55.00 per person.

Feeling like you can't get the best results from your home brewing equipment? Collingwood Coffee College trainers would love to help you with this. During this 2-hour course, we will use a V60 filter, the humble plunger, ideal for travel AeroPress & the best-looking drip-filter in the world, the Moccamaster. Keep the household caffeinated! 



Filter Path 2 | $75.00 per person.

A 2-hour professional development course designed to increase your filter brewing skills. Working with the relationship between strength and extraction yield, using VST refractometer, SCA extraction numbers, and your taste buds to identify and achieve good results with specialty coffee.



Management & Leadership curriculum: 

All of CCC management and leadership curriculum is delivered online using zoom online conference. We have designed two programs that are a series of consecutive 2-hour workshops and to make them accessible to you we are facilitating them online for anyone who would like to grow their career and complete the entire program or those whom may just want specific professional development. 


 Online - Level #1 Management & Leadership Program | $147.00 per person.

Level #1 is the perfect program for any individual who is ready to start or build their management and leadership skills with a focus on leading self, managing operations and leading others. This program will provide training and explore the skills, knowledge and character required to apply in a hospitality workplace so that each learner can practice and build their career within the hospitality industry.



Online - Level #2 Management & Leadership Program | $495.00 per person.

Level #2 is an accelerating opportunity to stretch existing managers and leaders towards growth in performance, behaviour and mindset. The program challenges learners to see themselves, their responsibilities and their opportunities with new perspective motivating and inspiring them to achieve better results. 



Model High-level Behaviour | Free

Model high-level behaviour is the first session of our Level #1 Management & Leadership Program, designed for Supervisors, Team Leaders, Frontline Managers or anyone curious about what is leadership and the role of a frontline manager. During this 2-hour session, we outline the management responsibilities and how a frontline manager can actively model high-level behaviour to lead positive relationships, manage stress and develop a manager’s mindset. 

Leading Authentically & The Modern Workforce | Free

Leading Authentically & The Modern Workforce is the first session of our Level #2 Management & Leadership Program. During this 2-hour online workshop, you can explore what is authentic leadership with research, thought-provoking discussions and everyday frameworks that will support your actions towards building relationships and leading a modern workforce.  

Developing Teams & Individuals | $49.00 per person.

During this 2-hour online session, we approach the necessary conduct, skills and knowledge to provide workplace training so that teams are supported, and each individual can work toward achieving workplace and employment goals. We will unpack team dynamics and identify strategies to improve productivity, foster a team culture to achieve better results.  Empower your team and foster a culture of training at the centre of business operations.

Leading Workplace Culture | $49.00 per person.

During this 2-hour online workshop, we look at how the leader and/or manager can model high-level behaviour to positively influence the steps of the employee life-cycle, including how to identify poor work performance and/or conflict and become a change agent for positive workplace culture and lead toward increasing productivity.  

Connecting with Customers | $49.00 per person.

Engage with your customers to create a positive feeling. During connecting with customers, we identify objective behaviours and supportive actions to define service principles that promote engaging with customers to foster a positive feeling. During this workshop, we continue to design an operational structure and processes for a business to mitigate staff operational errors and increase sales so that your customers receive the experience you intend. 

Communication & Influence | $99.00 per person.

During this 2-hour online workshop, we focus on developing the skills to give and gather effective communication.  Together we break down communication, we explore communication barriers and we use contemporary leadership frameworks to explore your preferred communication style and the impact this has with others. 

Managing Productivity | $99.00 per person.

During this 2-hour online workshop, we look into a Human Resources blueprint and how the development of resources, policies and documentation provide clarity for you and your team to work with purpose. We also look into some operational frameworks that develop critical thinking skills to prioritise and make helpful decisions that will encourage prioritising and organising goals efficiency and effectiveness.

Each workshop we facilitate is a structured workshop comprising of specific objectives and practical activities for learners to try, test and clarify the required skills and knowledge. Each person who completes training will receive a 'certificate of training' to recognise your time and effort.

We don't have minimum numbers only maximum numbers so every learner can be actively involved. With workshops occurring regularly, once you register the workshop will happen. Each workshop is delivered by our industry and education professionals who will provide each learner time and application with further resources to take home and encourage further practising!

NOTE: All workshops are non-accredited and delivered to best-practice and industry standard.