Collingwood Coffee College


Collingwood Coffee College is the education hub of Proud Mary Coffee.

All courses are short training workshops run by Lisa Feeley comprising of course objectives, practical activities to try, test and clarify the required skills and knowledge.

Lisa Feeley is the driving force behind Collingwood Coffee College, a community space centred on providing education to all who include Barista’s, Brewers, Store Manager’s, Front-of-house and coffee hobbyists!

Perfecting the skill of service and adult training with some of Australia’s top fast food and café chains from 2005 to 2015, Lisa has a string of coffee training and hospitality qualifications under her belt. Her recognised work in the field led to Lisa’s subsequent accreditation as a judge for Australia’s National Barista Competitions and Lisa is one of Australia’s Licensed Q Grader, a professional accreditation, international license to grade and cup specialty coffee.


Collingwood Coffee College is now taking enrolments! 

A four-hour course that will develop your knowledge and skills of espresso extraction and coffee making so you can consistently produce and replicate a quality product.
Classes are limited to 4 people and cost is $275 per person. Click here to enrol.
A 2-hour course that will encourage you to try and test brewing methods. In this course you can learn the 3-factors to consider to brew specialty results at home using 4 different brewing devices!
Classes are limited to 4 people and cost is $110 per person. Click here to enrol.
A 2-hour course that explains grading of Arabica green beans to SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) standard modelled from the Q-grade international standards test.
Classes are limited to 6 people and cost is $110 per person. Click here to enrol.
A 2-hour course where we provide understanding of coffee production; raw to roasted coffee + tasting!
Classes are limited to 6 people and cost is $110 per person. Click here to enrol.
A 2-day cour se were we fast track your training needs with this intensive program designed to train, implement and practice skills, identify knowledge and characteristics required to work as a Barista using specialty coffee and equipment. To add further value we also provide a focus to get you job-ready with coaching around the recruitment process including resumes, cover letters, interviews and trials.
Classes are limited to 3 people and cost is $795 per person. Click here to enrol.


NOTE: All courses are short-courses and are non-accredited.